4 Ways VoIP Can Benefit Your Arizona Business

As owners of Arizona businesses, we are always on the look out for new ways to improve our work flow and leverage technology to better serve our customers. Did you know that VoIP is all about that? It’s true – although in principle VoIP is still phone service, through the power of modern technology it becomes so much more than just a phone system. You can use the power of VoIP and modern tools and workflows to unlock amazing features for your business, and your customers will love it because it will make it easier for them to communicate with you. Read the list below, and let us know what you think. If you have any questions about VoIP service in Arizona, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

1: Your Business Phone, In Your Pocket

VoIP for mobile phones in ArizonaMobile phones are a part of everyday life, and your business phone shouldn’t try to take away from that. Although you can still have your classic desk phone if you want it, VoIP users have the power to disconnect from their desk and take their business phone with them. Whether you are an Android user or an iPhone user, you can connect your phone to your VoIP service, letting you send and receive calls on your business number. Even better, you can use your mobile phone to transfer calls internally, page your employees, and access all of the same amazing VoIP features you would get right at your desk. If you are a business owner who is always on the go, this will be a game changer for you.VoIP is also the ideal setup for distributed work forces of all sizes – if you have offsite employees or a team working from their homes, you’ll benefit greatly from VoIP as it allows you to maintain a full phone system just the same as if you were in an office together. Even better, your employees don’t need any equipment beyond a headset and a computer with an internet connection, or even simply their mobile phones.


2: VoIP Integrations Give You Superpowers

VoIP integrations for your businessOne of the coolest things about VoIP service by far is the access it gives you to additional integrations. If you’re already using a modern CRM (customer relationship management software), there’s a good chance your VoIP system can be integrated with it. When a customer calls you and they are in your system, a note or ticket can automatically be opened to reflect the call. Since you’ll have full access to your phone system from any browser, this also allows you to place calls to your customers from your computer, just by pulling up their account inside of your CRM software. Many VoIP systems can integrate directly with Outlook, letting you place a call to a customer directly from your email as well.These are just some of the many possibilities VoIP allows for integration with other tools. Rather than miss signals and opportunities, these kinds of integrations can open up new possibilities for your business and give your customers the impression that you don’t miss a thing.


3: Effortlessly Direct Your Customers

VoIP features and informationA fully-fledged VoIP system for your business allows you to do some really cool things. One of these is to setup and easily manage a phone tree, or call directory, for your business. Rather than just having your customers call and letting your staff fight for who gets to answer, a properly setup VoIP system will provide your customers with an interface to find the exact department or person within your company they are trying to reach. This not only saves time, but reduces resource drain by letting your employees focus on their job until they are actually needed on the phone.If you have multiple departments, it’s easy to offer your callers a selection to choose from and your VoIP system will direct them where they need to be. Set up advanced ring groups if you’d like, letting you choose rules for how calls are routed based on the time of day, the date, or many other options you’ll be able to pick from. Choose how long individual phones or groups of phones ring before the calls are passed along to the next group or to voicemail.You can build your phone system exactly how you like – you’re in control of everything.


4: VoIP Means Any Scale You Need, When You Need It

Scale your VoIP systemAnother great feature of having a VoIP system for your business is that you’ll be able to scale it at any time, depending on your needs. Add users and extensions, integrate them with your ring groups, and remove them just as easily. Adding physical phones to your system is quick and easy, and your new users will also have access to the web UI and the phone app as soon as their accounts are created. Don’t wait on an appointment to have a phone technician come out and install a desk phone on an old land line – the modern technology of VoIP systems allows you to add as many users, extensions, and phones as you like, quickly and easily.

This works great whether you’re a startup or just have a distributed work force – you can save on fees by removing extensions you don’t need, and anytime you need to get a new employee set up, it’s as simple and easy to get their phone access working as it is to get their email account created. You won’t be waiting days or weeks for your new hires to have access to your phone system – a properly configured VoIP system will allow you to get them setup the same day they start.


5 (Bonus): Lower Costs Leaves Your Business With More Resources

After all of the great features we’ve talked about in this article, you may be left with the impression that VoIP systems are expensive. It’s actually just the opposite – because VoIP relies on the existing infrastructure of the internet, costs are driven down and are now far lower than traditional phone systems of a similar feature set or scale could ever hope to obtain. By switching to a VoIP system you not only give your business, employees, and customers access to tons of features to help them play their parts better than ever, but you save money by doing it. It may sound crazy – but it’s true!


Overall, there are many reasons why Arizona business owners should consider making the switch to a VoIP phone system. We can only name a few here, but we hope we’ve helped you to see why VoIP is so powerful. If you’re interested in learning more or would like to find out how a PacketDial VoIP system can benefit your business specifically, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our staff can go over some of the key points we’ve talked about here and how they relate to your business, as well as discuss your specific needs. We’re excited to show you the power modern technology and VoIP can bring to your Arizona business!