How 5G Will Affect VoIP Service In Arizona

The age of 5G is here, and that means significant advantages for VoIP systems and users. As we’ve already discussed, VoIP users are able to leverage the power of their entire VoIP phone system from their own mobile device, and the advent of 5G technology into cell phones, tablets, and laptops increases the possibilities of VoIP even further. We’ve compiled some examples of how the oncoming age of 5G will positively affect the already impressive feature set of VoIP technology.

Higher 5G Bandwidth Means Clearer Calls Than Ever

5G VoIP service in Arizona5G obviously means a large improvement on internet connectivity and bandwidth for mobile device users, and the chief effect this will have on VoIP systems is a significant improvement in call quality, reliability, and clarity. Although 4G and 4G LTE already offer a good enough signal to make mobile VoIP not just possible but functional, the increase in bandwidth brought on by 5G will only improve this. Additionally, a better connection means even more reliable calls – you’ll be able to worry even less about your important business calls being dropped mid-conversation.

Additionally, 5G technology implements the concept of Network Slicing, which will effectively segment a single 5G network into multiple virtual networks. This will have a significant impact on the overall speed of VoIP systems which have an entire slice of the network dedicated to themselves.

Enhanced VoIP Video Conferencing

One of the best things about taking your VoIP system with you via your mobile device is the ability to have video calls and conferences. Since 5G is a leap forward in overall cell service and speed, the coming months and years will bring increased capability for VoIP video conferencing. Already possible but not always reliable depending on your location and hardware, 5G technology will bring a wider buffer zone for these kinds of high-bandwidth interactions. Before long, it will be just as standard to connect a VoIP video conference or call as it is to connect a voice call now. Gone are the days of buffering and glitchy video calls – 5G on both sides means more than enough bandwidth to carry out a video call in real time.

Increased Call And System Security

Along with the huge improvements in speed and reliability, 5G also brings with it a whole host of improvements from a security standpoint. These new security features are useful for VoIP system users and operators alike, as they mean a more robust and secure digital footprint for the VoIP phone systems we’ve all come to know and love. 5G networks use a far more robust authentication mechanism, called Unified Authentication and Key Agreement (aka: AKA). This along with the already-mentioned Network Slicing and an array of other security feature implementations such as SEPP (security edge protection proxy) and the stricter access controls implemented on the networks and services themselves, helps to provide VoIP users on 5G networks with the peace of mind that their calls are secure and their business information remains private.

All Signs Point To Arizona VoIP Growth

As the recent partnership of Verizon and ASU shows, 5G is here to stay in Arizona. Arizona businesses have made it clear that we want 5G technology and all the benefits that it brings. More connectivity means more commerce, and in Arizona that means more successful small businesses.

As influence grows and the networks spread, along with them spreads the possibilities of VoIP systems. We’ll continue to keep a close eye on the development of 5G networks in Arizona, as they will play a direct part in the continued usefulness and feature growth of VoIP phone systems. As an Arizona-local VoIP provider, we’re excited to see what comes next.