VOIP Service

Your phones are a crucial part of your business, so you need phone service which can keep up with that demand. Modern phone systems are built on VOIP (Voice Over IP) networks, giving your business a huge range of features previously reserved only for huge corporations. With PacketDial, your business can leverage these same features for a much more affordable price, putting tools which can not only improve your workflow but lead to more business directly into your hands.

Take your work phone with you – anywhere!

One of the best features about having a cloud-hosted phone system is portability – you are no longer tied to your desk phone. Take your PacketDial service with you anywhere there is an internet connection.

On your desk: PacketDial service works with a huge variety of existing VOIP phones, and we can also provide you with high-quality new phones packed with great features. Plug your phone in anywhere with an internet connection!
In your pocket: PacketDial’s mobile app integration allows you to use your work phone lines anywhere. Route after-hours calls directly to a cell phone of your choice, all without exposing your personal number.
In your browser: Our web connectivity allows you to utilize a virtual phone right in your browser, so anything with a microphone and an internet connection can be used as your phone. Endless possibilities.


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